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JCK/Luxury 2024 - Booth #217

JCK/Luxury 2024 - Booth #217

Are Tiaras the Next Bridal Accessory’

August 6th, 2018

As Featured in Jewelry Connoisseur: Are Tiaras the Next Bridal Accessory’

In Jewelry Connoisseur’s article “Crowning Glory” by Rachael Taylor, relive the renaissance of tiaras in the bridal and fashion industries.

As a result of Meghan Markle’s captivating wedding to Prince Harry of Sussex, these regal accessories have become increasingly common in the public eye. Expect to see these pieces more and more often, especially now that Tiffany & Co. has released their take on this trend with the release of their Paper Flowers collection.

One of Julius Klein’s own royal creations, featuring a breathtaking headpiece and a spread of fancy-cut diamonds, is featured in the article.

Julius Klein tiara

Read the whole piece here: