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JCK/Luxury 2024 - Booth #217

JCK/Luxury 2024 - Booth #217

Beauty that Defies the Odds

November 21st, 2013

As Featured in Rapaport: Beauty that Defies the Odds

Forevermark’s Exceptional Diamond Collection campaign, which was covered by Rapaport Magazine, depicts the story of each diamond as it moves from its birthplace far underneath our feet into the hands of jewelry lovers all over the world.

In their article “Forevermark Reveals Iconic Image for New Diamond Collection” by Jeff Miller, it is revealed that each diamond from Forevermark’s new collection was made by Julius Klein. Due to strict quality requirements, only the finest diamonds are chosen for their Manhattan diamond production center.

To learn more about Forevermark’s new diamond collection, visit Rapaport’s website