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JCK/Luxury 2024 - Booth #217

JCK/Luxury 2024 - Booth #217

Julius Klein: A Mainstay in Manhattan’s Secret Diamond Industry

September 17th, 2014

As Featured in Free Enterprise: A Mainstay in Manhattan’s Secret Diamond Industry

Midtown Manhattan is certainly an unexpected place for one of the world’s top diamond production centers. Yet, underneath it all, Julius Klein stands out as a cornerstone of the city’s -- and therefore, the world’s -- diamond industry.

In Free Enterprise’s article, “A Thriving Diamond Industry, Hiding in Plain Sight in Midtown Manhattan,” they provide a look into our diamond-cutting process and the unmatched effort we put into creating each one. With master craftsmen like the “Michael Jordan” of diamond makers at the helm of the production process, it’s easy to see why Julius Klein remains a forerunner in the industry to this day.

Visit Free Enterprise for the full story.